Sheryl VanderPol is your Untapped Resource for custom art  – “Who you are, inspires me, to create for you.”  Custom Commissioned Artwork … If you can dream it-we can do it.

Using your commercial ceramic or porcelain as the canvas, we are the paintbrush that creates hand-painted tiles and porcelain sinks, fired to a beautiful permanency, along with wall murals ad Trompe L’oeil.

Evolving everyday since conception, the company has moved into four phases.  She uses the energy of the elements to give her business wisdom and balance.  Check out – Fire-Tiles * Water-Sinks * Earth-Murals * Air-Creative Ventures  –  in the Co-Creation menu.



MENU bar is found at top right – CLICK bar or any menu item to take you to the page about that topic.  The PHOTO GALLERY includes a sampling of artwork, while the CO-CREATION Menu has  drop-down options for your home or work space.

POSTS appear in the order sent out, and listed separately, by title, on the sidebar. They are designed to inspire YOUR own creative ideas!

LEAVE A REPLY is for you to share your creative thoughts.



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Your Untapped Resource for Custom Artwork