Vintage Videos…

Blast from the Past…
Sharing clips from Vintage Videos in the next few weeks. This is an old “Passport to Design” Show featuring my artwork.
Thanks to Janet Deming – home owner, JoJo Liebler – the host of Passport to Design, and my Peruvian guides – Michel and Jorge Delgado, who introduced me to the beauty of Machu Picchu.  -Remembering the fun of this creative decade, (and a younger me:)

Can’t find it -?- Create it!!

If you can Dream it … We can do it!

New addition to the family + beautiful new baby + New look for the nursery! Our creative new mama wanted a special design in a special color that brings a special look to brighten this special room!

Elephant Family Canvas - for the nursery
Elephant Family Canvas – for the nursery

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